About Flashing a Turning Tool
You can flash a turning tool, that is, rotate the tool by 180 degrees in its head. By flashing the tool and reversing the spindle direction you can remove material in a direction opposite to its standard cutting direction.
You must enable the flashing of the tool using the Tools tab of the Work Center dialog box. The flashed orientation of the tool is used to degouge the tool path and is also displayed during the playback of the tool path.
You must also set the FLASH_TOOL parameter to YES in the Edit Parameters dialog box for a step to indicate that the tool will use its flashed orientation. The default value of this parameter is NO.
Use the SPINDLE_SENSE parameter in the Edit Parameters dialog box to reverse the spindle direction and the CUT_DIRECTION parameter to reverse the cut direction.
Tool flashing is available only for 5-axis Mill/Turn centers. You can flash solid tools with parametric definitions for tools of type Turning, Turn-Grooving, and Multi-Task.