Patterning Measure Steps
The naming convention for the pattern members is meas_nameX00n, where meas_name is the name of the patterned Measure step, and n is the number of the pattern member, starting with 2 (the first member of the pattern is the original Measure step). DMIS standard limits the name of a step to be 10 characters or less; therefore, if you pattern a Measure step, its name must be no more than 6 characters long. All the default names satisfy this requirement. If you try to pattern a Measure step with a customized name which is longer than 6 characters, the system will issue an error message and request that you rename the step first.
If you try to redefine a Measure step that has been patterned, the system will prompt you to delete the pattern first. Select any member of the pattern in the Model Tree, right-click and choose Delete Pattern. Redefine the Measure step, then create the pattern again.