About CMM Process
The CMM process consists of the following basic steps:
1. Create or retrieve a CMM model.
2. To create an operation, click Inspect > Operation. You can also set up fixtures.
3. Click Inspect > CMM to create a workcell, and the probes for use in the Measure steps. To set up site files click Inspect > Inspection Machine > Site.
4. To create Measure, Construct, and Verify steps, use the options on the Inspect tab:
Measure steps generate sequences of probe motions measuring the specified geometric references (planes, cylinders, etc.) at certain points. You can create Construct and Verify steps by referencing the Measured entities.
Construct steps let you create geometric entities (planes, lines, etc.) by referencing existing Measured entities. Constructed entities, in turn, may be referenced by Verify steps.
Verify steps let you verify dimensions and geometric tolerances by referencing the Measured and Constructed entities.
5. Output the operation probe path generated by the system to a DMIS file. You can display the probe path for Measure steps on the screen, and view the DMIS program for the whole operation or for individual steps in the Information Window, to check and verify the program.