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Automatic Points Generation for Measure Surface
When you choose Automatic from the ADD POINTS menu, the system generates a default 2x2 grid on selected surface, and the Probe Points dialog box appears. The UP and DOWN arrows next to each of the input fields in the dialog box let you increase and decrease the number of points in U and V direction. When you click on an arrow, the corresponding value in the input field is changed by 1, and the system redistributes the points according to the new grid. The grid follows the U-V lines of the surface being measured. If a point in the grid falls outside the surface boundaries, including internal islands (such as holes or slots), this point is not generated. If you specify a non-zero value for BORDER_CLEARANCE, points within this distance from the surface boundaries are not generated either. The number of points that the system actually placed on the surface appears in the lower-right corner of the Probe Points dialog box. When you click OK, the system generates the default probe path by connecting all the point locations.