About Using a 3D Printer
When you print your model using a 3D Systems 3D printer, you have appearance options and build calculation options. You can perform build calculations based on the available materials in the 3D printer. If you already applied colors, you can automatically match them to the colors available in the 3D printer, or manually assign other colors.
If you connect to a 3D printer through a Materialise build processor, you can generate support structures.
When you print to a 3D printer, you can do following:
Apply colors to the models you print, based on the available colors in the connected 3D printer.
View the required amount of build material.
Control the STL quality.
Clip the model to see its interior.
Show or hide the visual representation of the support material.
Set the draft angle of the support material.
Slice the model and lattice, and save the slicing data in CLI files.
When you connect to a printer through a Materialise build processor, you can also slice the support structures.
Print the model.