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About the 3D Print Preview User Interface
The 3D Print tab provides a preview of the models you are about to print. The 3D Print tab consists of commands and shortcut menus. To access the 3D Print tab, from the Tray tab, click Preview 3D Printing.
Finalize Group
Tessellation Options—Sets the parameters of the STL file.
Slice—Slices the model, support structures, and lattice to create CLI files that contain all the data needed for 3D printing.
Display Slices—Displays the slices.
Load Slices—Loads the slices.
Export—Exports an STL file or multiple STL files that contain body, lattice, and support structure data in a ZIP file.
Finalize > Slicing Parameters—Opens the Slicing Parameters dialog box.
View Group
Clipping—Enables clipping the view, using the 3D dragger.
Display Support Material
Materialise build processor—Displays the actual support material that is generated using a Materialise build processor.
All other printers—Displays the estimation of the support materials. The estimation is generated by projecting the surface of the parts onto the tray.
View > Draft Angle—Sets the minimal angle that the system automatically adds support material to the model. This is a visual representation and does not affect the way the model is printed.
Print Group
Save Printing Job—Saves a file that contains 3D printing data that you can send to a printer later. Available when you connect through a Materialise build processor.
Print—Starts the 3D printing process.
Close Group
Return to Tray—Closes the tab and reopens the Tray tab.