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Generative Design Workflow
The following workflow describes how to optimize your model using Generative Topology Optimization and create a Generative Design feature:
1. Open a part or create a new one.
2. Click Applications > Generative Design. The Generative Design tab appears and a structural study is created by default.
3. Define the generative study. A fully defined study includes the following:
Design spaces to indicate the body to optimize and the bodies to preserve or exclude from the optimization.
Constraints and loads for the model. You can define multiple load cases for a study.
Design criteria that must include the design objective and material definition. You can also specify manufacturing and geometric constraints.
4. Click Optimize to perform topology optimization on the study. After the study is optimized, Generate Design option is available.
5. Click Display Simulation Results to view simulation results. You can also animate the simulation using the Animate Deformation option.
6. Click Generate Design to create a Generative Design feature and save it to the same part or a different part. A new design based on the study definition is generated.
Alternatively, click Send to Cloud to send the study to Generative Design Extension and generate multiple designs.
You can check all the warnings and errors related to your study definition and the optimization result in the Generative Design Troubleshooter dialog box.
You cannot use family tables in Generative Design.