About the Process Manager
The Process Manager is a tool used to study the status of asynchronous Creo processes. While working on a design you might require to start processes such as running a simulation study, a generative design study, or a 3D printing job. These processes might take a long while to complete and can run asynchronously in the background while allowing you to continue working on other Creo tasks. The Process Manager enables you to monitor and take action on any of the asynchronous processes that run in the background. It runs minimized in the lower right corner of the Graphics Window, and displays a summary of the status of the asynchronous tasks running at any time.
The different possible states represented by the Process Manager are shown in this table:
Process Manager Icon
Process Status
No processes are currently running.
Some sub tasks in a process failed.
Processes are running. The number indicates the number of processes currently running. In this example, ‘1’ indicates that one process is currently running.
If you move the mouse cursor over the Process Manager icon a tooltip indicates the number of processes that are complete and the number of processes that are in progress for the session.
To see more detailed information about the processes, open the Process Manager using the following procedure:
1. Click to view an expanded view of the summary status of all the processes that have run for the session.
2. Click Open Creo Process Manager to open the Creo Process Manager dialog box.
Alternatively, place the mouse cursor over the process for which you want to view more details. Click and then select More info to open the Creo Process Manager dialog box.
Viewing and Monitoring Tasks in the Process Manager
The Process Manager displays all the processes running for a session as well as the processes that have already completed. Processes can have a single task or multiple tasks. Click to view the tasks for a process. Click to collapse the tasks in a process.
Processes and tasks can have the following status:
Process completed successfully.
Process failed. Will display this status even if a single subtask fails.
Process completed with warnings.
Process paused.
Process cancelled.
The Process Manager also displays the following summary information for each process:
Displays the status of a process as Done, Failed, Canceled, or Paused.
Tasks done:— Displays the number of tasks completed successfully out of the total number of tasks in a process.
Started:—Time when the process started.
Ended:—Time when the process completed.
Elapsed Time:—Total time spent in running the process.