About the Model Tree
The Model Tree is a list of items in the model, in a hierarchical structure, that reflects, relations between the items or their order of regeneration. By default, the Model Tree is in the Creo Parametric main window. If you do not see the Model Tree, click .
Each node in the Model Tree represents an item in the model. Some nodes are containers for other nodes. You can right-click a node to access commands from mini toolbar or shortcut menu. The nodes are collected as references while performing operations such as boolean, split, and so on.
Model Tree Structure
The top node of the Model Tree represents the entire model, and is the part file or top-assembly file that is opened in the active window. The top node contains the subnodes. It contains items, such as, annotations, bodies, and so on.
Read Only Features
The features do not have a dedicated container, they are listed directly under the top node.
The Model Tree does not list geometric entities such as surfaces, edges, and curves.
There is an icon for each Model Tree item that corresponds to its object type, such as assembly, part, body, feature. For some items, a glyph near the icon shows the status of the item, for example, suppressed feature or packaged component.
You can click Settings to add columns to the Model Tree to see additional information about each listed item and make other customizations.