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About Integrating Different Iterations of a Model
You can merge two iterations of the same object fetched from a Windchill product database in a workspace in a Creo Parametric session. This process of merging objects is called Integration. Creo Parametric generates an integration report that describes the integration actions that were performed and the differences between the two objects or versions.
The integration process facilitates concurrent engineering by enabling multiple engineers to modify an object simultaneously in their workspaces without overwriting each other’s changes, or making irreconcilable modifications.
To integrate the changes, one user checks out the base model from the Commonspace on the server, while the other users download the same iteration of that model to their respective local workspaces. All users can update the model simultaneously in their respective local workspaces. To avoid errors, one user should perform the integration process at any given time.
You can initiate the integration process in the Creo Parametric session, and perform the actual integration process through the Integrate window that opens when you click File > Open > Update and Integrate.
The Update and Integrate command is available only if both the following conditions are met:
Creo Parametric is connected to a Windchill server registered as a primary server with an active workspace.
An object of Creo Parametric model type, such as, a part, assembly, or a drawing, is open in the active session.
By default, the Update and Integrate command integrates the changes made to the Comparison model, that is, the currently opened model or object in the local workspace with the latest available iteration of the latest revision of the corresponding Base model in the Commonspace on the server. You cannot choose a different object or different version manually.
Before starting the integration process, it is recommended that you first save all models in the session and erase all the other models not involved in the integration process from the session.
You cannot integrate changes for objects that are new in the session or workspace, and that are never checked in.
You can only integrate the differences in the base and comparison model.
You cannot undo any operation after the integration process is complete.