To Use the INTEGRATE Menu
1. After you have retrieved the model to be integrated, click File > Integrate. The difference report, source object, and target object are displayed.
2. The MERGE_VIEW and the DIFF_VIEW Windows appear. The DIFF_VIEW Window displays the difference report for the object revisions. The INTEGRATE menu appears, listing commands for performing the integration:
Next—Step to the next item (difference) in the report.
Previous—Step to the previous item (difference) in the report.
Show—In the active window, highlight the entity (such as a feature or component) corresponding to the current item in the difference report. (This command is accessible only if the current item belongs to the object in the current Creo Parametric Window.)
Info—Bring up the Information window, containing information about the current item in the difference report such as the model name, component number, internal ID number, part name, and parents and/or children.
Action—Bring up the ACTION menu. When you specify an action for one occurrence of an item (such as a feature or a component) in the report, the specified action is set automatically for that item every time it appears in the report.
Execute—Perform automatically the actions specified in the ACTION column of the difference report to resolve differences between the source and target objects. Each item is marked as Merged, Deleted, or Ignored according to the action that was specified for it.
Save Report—Save the difference report in your local working area as an ASCII text file.
Merge View—Display the difference report with the items sorted in the order in which they have to be integrated to correctly resolve all the external references (for example, parents must be merged before children, children must be deleted before parents).
Diff View—(Default) Display the difference report sorted by object and, within object, by item type. This gives a quick indication of where and what the differences are.
Done/Return—Dismiss the DIFF_VIEW Window and quit the INTEGRATE menu.