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To Build a Nested Query in the Search Tool
You can build a nested query in the Search Tool. A nested query stores multiple queries in one query to perform a more refined search.
1. Click Tools > Find. The Search Tool:1 dialog box opens.
2. Create first query using the tabs and available criteria options.
3. Click Status in the Search Tool:1 dialog box and select Parent/Child under Rule. Some additional options are displayed under Criteria.
In addition to the Parent/Child and Display options in the Status tabbed page in the Search Tool:1 dialog box, you can use the Reference and Distance options in the Geometry tabbed page to build a nested query.
4. Click next to the Reference list and click on the Creo Parametric toolbar. A new Search Tool:2 dialog box opens.
5. Build a new query or open an existing query that you want to store within the first query.
6. Click Options > Save Query To Rule and click Ok. The query is saved within the query being built in the Search Tool:1 dialog box. The name of the saved query is displayed in the reference collector of the first query.
You can edit or remove a saved query by right-clicking the first query in the Reference list and clicking Edit or Remove on the shortcut menu. You can also get details about the query by clicking Info on the shortcut menu.
7. Click Close.