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Managing Layers with the Same Name
Items on layers with the same name are treated similarly. You can set the display of model layers to mirror the display of drawing layers with the same name. For example, if you blank the drawing layer datums, Creo Parametric also blanks all items on the datums layers for the model components.
If the model is an assembly and you add a component with a layer of the same name, Creo Parametric automatically sets the display of any items on a model layer named datums to be the same as the drawing layer. To keep one component datums layer from being affected, put the desired layer directly on another drawing layer.
To set the display of layers with the same name, do one of the following:
On the Model Tree, click and then click Drawing Layer Status. The Layer Status Control dialog box opens. Select Change the display of model layers in Drawing mode only when the model layer name is the same as the drawing layer name.
Set the draw_layer_overrides_model drawing setup file option to yes. If you set this option to no (the default), Creo Parametric ignores model layers when you set the display status of layers in the drawing model with the same name.
With the exception of ruled layers, if you activate a layer that has the same name as another layer, each layer with that name is activated. For example, if the drawing and the drawing model have a layer named my_layer, activating one of these layers causes the other to be activated. Designated items supported in both modes (driven dimensions, surface finish symbols, and geometric tolerances) are placed on both layers, while unsupported items are only placed on the drawing layer.
In an assembly, you cannot activate a layer that exists only in a submodel. However, if you activate the same name layer at the top level, all submodel layers are activated.