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About Embedded PTC Mathcad Prime Worksheets in Creo Parametric Models
Using a PTC Mathcad Prime worksheet you can record design notes, document your model, and perform simple and complex engineering calculations. You can create a worksheet in a model or use data from an existing PTC Mathcad Prime worksheet. Any model in an assembly, including the top-level assembly, can have a single embedded worksheet.
For the PTC Mathcad Prime data to be available in Creo Parametric, you define it as either an Input region or an Output region. Regions are then used as parameters in Creo Parametric relations. Input parameters pass data from the Creo Parametric model to PTC Mathcad Prime and the value can be edited in the Creo ParametricParameters dialog box. Output parameters pass data from PTC Mathcad Prime to Creo Parametric and are locked for editing in Creo Parametric. Output parameters can only be used on the right side of a relations equation.
Units for Input and Output regions are defined in PTC Mathcad Prime and cannot be changed in Creo Parametric.
When you change the value of a parameter in an embedded PTC Mathcad Prime worksheet remember the following:
Output parameters—When you change the value of an Output parameter in PTC Mathcad Prime and you click Save and Push, your model probably needs regeneration. Check the status bar.
Input parameters—When you change the value of an Input parameter in Creo Parametric, a Notification Center flag appears in the status bar. Open the Notification Center to see which models have an outdated embedded worksheet. To update the worksheet, open it in PTC Mathcad Prime and click Update Inputs.
The following limitations apply to working with embedded PTC Mathcad Prime worksheets:
Only one worksheet can be embed in a model. In an assembly, each component can have a separate worksheet. The embedded worksheet receives the name of the model and is not linked to the original worksheet, it exists only in the context of the model.
When you remove a worksheet from a model, it no longer exists. To continue working with the worksheet, you can save a copy of it using the Save As command in PTC Mathcad Prime before you remove it from the model.
When you save a worksheet, make sure that Creo Parametric is not in the process of a design operation such as regeneration, save, creating a feature, and so on. This could result in corruption of the model and data loss.
Family Tables—A PTC Mathcad Prime worksheet can be embedded in the generic instance and not in Family Table instances. You cannot add a PTC Mathcad Prime parameter to a Family Table.
Flexible Components—Varied items in Flexible components cannot be set by a PTC Mathcad Prime embedded worksheet.
Simplified Representations—For assemblies, the PTC Mathcad Prime worksheet is accessible in all representations. For parts in an assembly context, the PTC Mathcad Prime worksheet is only available for the Master Representation when the part is activated. For part, the PTC Mathcad Prime worksheet is only available for the Master Representation.
When the Master Representation is in session, the worksheet is available in all open windows.