To Orientate Dynamically
1. Click View > Saved Orientations > Reorient. The View dialog box opens.
2. On the Orientation sub-tab, in the Type box, select Dynamic orient as the type of orientation to orientate the model.
3. Under Pan, use slider or type the horizontal and vertical values for Pan to set the position of display.
4. Use slider or type the Zoom value. This sets the percentage of magnification of the display.
5. Click Refit to fit the model to screen or Center to pick a new screen center.
6. Under Spin, click Center Axis or Screen Axis to spin by the spin center or screen center, respectively.
7. Select Dynamic Update to automatically display the adjustment of the settings.
8. To save the view, type a name in the View Name box and click . Click Saved Orientations to open the list of saved orientations. The new saved view is listed.
9. Click OK.