To Edit Cross Section Hatching
1. Right-click a cross section on the Model Tree and click Edit Hatching. The Edit Hatching dialog box opens.
2. Select one of the following options:
Apply Settings for—Select Part or Body.
Selection—Select the bodies or parts on which to apply the hatch settings. The selected bodies or parts are placed in the collector.
—Applicable only to the sectioned bodies or parts.
In Part mode, use the arrow keys to switch between the bodies.
In assembly mode, use the arrow keys to switch between the bodies or parts.
Do not hatch — Removes the hatch pattern for the selected items.
Use a solid fill — Uses a solid fill in place of a hatch pattern for the selected items. The color button is available when you select Use a solid fill. Select a color from the color palette.
Use hatch from the part — Uses the hatch pattern assigned to the material for the selected items.
Copy hatch pattern.—.Copies a hatch pattern from a sectioned body and applies it to the selected items. To apply the hatch pattern:
1. Select Copy hatch pattern. When you select Copy hatch pattern, the Hatch pattern selection option is available by default.
2. Select the hatch pattern that you want to copy to the selected items in the collector.
Click Hatch pattern selection again if you want to copy a different hatch pattern after you have applied the original selection.
Use hatch from the library — Uses hatch pattern from the library for the selected items. Hatch patterns are available when you select Use hatch from the library.
When you select Use hatch from the library, Hatch patterns becomes available. Set the filter and select a hatch pattern from the list.
You can select the ANSI standard, ISO standard, or user defined hatch patterns from the hatch library. When you select Legacy pattern, the legacy patterns are displayed in the Hatch Patterns list box.
3. To edit the selected hatch pattern, set the following attributes.
Angle — Specify an angle to orient the hatch pattern. The angle is measured relative to the initial orientation of the hatch pattern.
Scale — Specify a value to size the hatch pattern.
— Click to double the size of the hatch pattern.
— Click to halve the size of the hatch pattern.
— Click to open the color palette and select a color for the hatch pattern.
If you click Use Hatch Pattern Colors in the color palette, the color of the selected hatch pattern changes to the color of the hatch pattern that is assigned to the material.
4. To apply the changes:
In Part mode, select the hatch pattern and click OK.
In Assembly mode, select a hatch pattern for multiple components and click Apply.
The modified hatch pattern is applied to the surface of the cross section on the selected items. The settings are stored in the model and are available when you open the model in another session.