To Search for Appearances
You can search for an appearance in the Appearances Manager or the Appearance Gallery dialog box.
1. Click Tools > Appearances Manager. The Appearances Manager dialog box opens.
2. In the appearances filter text box, type the name of the appearance to search. For example, type Plastic and press Enter or click to start the search.
Result of the search is based on partial or full matches of appearance name and keywords. The search is not case sensitive.
Appearances are searched in all palettes and the system library. For example, if you search for Plastic, then all palettes display appearances that have Plastic as the string in their name or keywords. The Library palette displays plastic appearances from all system files.
3. Click to cancel the search. All appearances are displayed in the palette.
4. Click to again search for the previously entered search term during the current session. To search for a different appearance, type the name of the appearance in the text field.