To Modify a Loop Surface Set
You must be inside a tool to modify Loop Surface sets.
1. In the graphics window, place your pointer over a Loop Surfaces label and right-click.
2. Click Activate Set from the shortcut menu .
3. Press SHIFT and move your pointer over the boundary of the selected surface. Valid edges and surfaces highlight. A ToolTip displays the names of valid edges.
4. Select the required edge to change the loop surface and complete the Loop Surface set. Creo Parametric highlights the Loop Surface set.
A Loop Surface set closes if a new set is added, the tool is closed, or if you activate another collector inside of a tool.
To remove a Loop Surface set, right-click on the label and click Remove Set.
You cannot modify the anchor surface of a Loop surface set.
You can use Next, Previous, or Pick From List from the shortcut menu to select edges.
Inside a tool the selected items are not available for surface collection.