To Construct a Loop Surface Set
1. Select a surface on your model to establish the anchor. Creo Parametric highlights the selected surface. Note that most tools require that the surface belongs to the same solid part geometry or quilt.
2. Press SHIFT and move your pointer over the boundary of the selected surface. Valid surfaces highlight and a ToolTip displays each surface name.
3. Select a two-sided edge that belongs to the anchor surface to complete the Loop Surface boundary. Creo Parametric constructs and highlights the Loop surface set. Notice that if you are working outside of a tool, the Selected Items area indicates the selection and the Selected Items dialog box contains the Loop Surfaces. However, if you construct a surface set from inside a tool, the active collector contains the surface set and the Loop Surfaces label displays on the model.
4. If you want to construct an additional Loop surface set during the same workflow, release SHIFT. Then, press CTRL and click a surface on your model to establish an anchor for the new surface set. Release CTRL and repeat step 2 through step 4.
5. Open a feature tool or continue working in a feature tool to use the surface set to create a feature.
You can use Next, Previous, or Pick From List from the shortcut menu to select edges.
To open the Selected Items dialog box, simply double-click the Status area next to the Filter box.