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The proep Protocol
The proep:// protocol is an internal protocol that allows the Creo browser to access Creo Parametric. It confines access between the Creo browser and Creo Parametric. It does not allow access from external programs or servers.
The proep:// protocol is internal to Creo Parametric. You cannot customize this protocol for your use.
For example, the proep:// protocol is used in the HTML Feature Info pages. These pages contain hyperlinks that use the proep:// protocol to interact with Creo Parametric. For instance, this protocol allows the pages to extract additional information or highlight graphics in the Creo Parametric graphics window.
If an object, such as a part, cannot be retrieved to perform a specified proep:// action or display information, the proep:// code issues an error.
The proep:// protocol does not work when you use the protocol in an external browser.