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About the Collaborative Environment
The collaborative environment in Creo incorporates project management, revision control, information sharing, and publishing capabilities in your design session.
You can connect to various PTC Web-based applications and Web sites, for example, the Customer Support site, from a Creo session. The main features of the collaborative environment include:
Connectivity—Common activities such as data management and data sharing are an integral part of your Creo session. You have direct access to online catalogs, shared projects, and part configuration tools. The Folder navigator lets you access files on your network as well as locations outside the firewall.
Web access—The Creo browser provides easy access to Web-based information and services such as Web sites, FTP sites, and online catalogs.
Integrated data management—For users of Windchill, ProjectLink, and PDMLink, Windchill PDM (Product Data Management) functions are integrated with Creo. From a Creo session, you have direct access to the data management system. You can browse cabinets, search for models in Windchill cabinets, check out or download models, and check in models into the database.
E-mail capability—Creo enables you to mail objects as links or attachments from your session.