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To Conduct a Simple Search
1. Click the tab. The Search page opens inside the navigator.
2. Specify the location and object type and provide any search attributes using the following fields:
Search in—Specify the location in which to conduct the search.
Search for—Specify the object type.
File Name—Specify the file name.
Number—Specify a Windchill document number.
Keyword—Specify a keyword associated with the object in the Windchill database.
Updated—Specify when the object was last modified.
3. Click Search. The results summary appears under Search results report in the navigator. For a search operation in the Creo browser, the detailed search results appear in the Search Results page of the browser.
4. If you found the object, you can open it in Creo by dragging it into the graphics window.
To use advanced search tools, click the Advanced Search at the bottom of the navigator.