About the Mail Tool
You can e-mail your models from within Creo Parametric. You can send objects as attachments and select the output format other than the default Creo Parametric format.
When you select an object to e-mail, Creo Parametric automatically determines all dependent files and includes them in the e-mail. You can set the maximum file size for the attachment by setting the web_max_mail_size configuration option.
When you receive an e-mail with an attachment that contains a part in a zipped file or in the regular format, you can drag the file into the graphics window to open it. To open an assembly, you must unzip it before you open it in Creo Parametric.
The mailing options are as follows:
Mail Recipient (As Attachment)—Send the selected object and all dependent objects as an attachment.
Mail Recipient (As Link)—Send a link to the selected object and all its dependencies. This is possible only for objects that have persistent Web locations (for example, in a Windchill folder).
You can access the mail tool in one of the following ways:
Click File > Send.
Right-click the model and click Send to on the shortcut menu. Access the shortcut menu as follows:
To send a subassembly of an active assembly, right-click a subassembly on the Model Tree or in the graphics area.
You cannot be in the process of creating or modifying an object.
To send an object while in the File Open dialog box, right-click the object and click Send To Mail Recipient (as Zipped Attachment).
When you send an object using the shortcut menu, Creo Parametric automatically zips up the file.
If you want to include files whose relationships are not governed by Creo Parametric for example, a model and its texture, you must make sure that all required files are attached to the e-mail.