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About the Folder Browser
The Folder Browser is expandable and it enables you to browse the file systems and other locations that are accessible on your computer. The contents of the selected folder appear in the Creo browser.
To activate the folder browser, click Folder Browser.
Browsing File Systems in the Folder Browser
The folder browser consists of the Common Folders and the Folder Tree sections.
The Common Folders consists of nodes for accessing file systems. You can access the commonly-used locations such as:
In Session—Contains all the objects of the current Creo session.
Windchill Commonspace—Provides access to the server that you have registered using the Server Manager dialog box. The registered server can be a Windchill server or an FTP server.
Workspace—Provides access to the contents of the Workspace on the registered server.
Desktop—Provides access to the contents of your computer's desktop.
My Documents—Provides access to the contents of the My Documents folder on your computer.
Working Directory—Provides access to the contents of the directory set as a working directory for the current session.
Manikin Library—Provides access to the default directory for the Creo Manikin libraries for your custom posture libraries.
Favorites— Provides access to links that you use frequently and saved as Favorite.
—Provides access to computers in the network.
You can expand and collapse the Folder Tree. When you expand the Folder Tree, a hierarchical structure of the local file system is displayed.
You can right-click a folder in the Folder Tree and click Add to common folders on the shortcut menu to add a link to a folder in Common Folders. To remove the link to a folder, right-click a linked folder in Common Folders and click Remove from Common Folders on the shortcut menu.