Using Simplified ECAD-MCAD Collaboration Mode
Simplified collaboration lets you get and send changes quickly without entering ECAD-MCAD Collaboration mode. You can quickly create incremental IDX files to send changes, or get incremental IDX files. When you get an incremental IDX file, all changes are automatically accepted unless they are marked as rejected prior to importing. A log file is created to inform you of conflicts and errors, but you cannot reject the changes you import.
In simplified mode, you can only get and send incremental IDX files when the board is not a flexible board, it is a rigid board. When a board is not flexible, the icons appears at the bottom of the main window.
When you use Simplified Collaboration all changes and regenerated features and objects are communicated, for example changing a board holes representation counts as a change. For accurate results, use the Compare command.
Sending Incremental Changes
1. Click Send Changes. The Save a Copy dialog box opens.
2. Type a name for the file and click OK.
Incremental changes that are not sent are stored when the assembly is saved, providing flexibility to when changes are sent.
Getting Incremental Changes
1. Click Get Changes.
When you choose to import changes prior to sending your changes, the imported changes may override your changes.
When you get changes and there are problems with the board or component geometry, the geometry is replaced with an enclosing outline. The original data is replaced with construction lines. After you apply the changes, you can edit the definition of the board to fix it in Sketcher.