To Perform Standard Bend Table Operations
1. In an open board part, click File > Prepare > Model Properties. The Model Properties dialog box opens.
2. Under Board, click change in the Bend Allowance line. The Preferences dialog box opens.
3. Click Bend Allowance. The Bend Allowance area appears.
4. Click Part Bend Allowance Tables. The Part Bend Allowance Tables dialog box opens.
5. Perform one of the following operations:
To copy a bend table to the part, select the bend table and click , or right-click and choose Copy.
To delete a bend table from a part, click , or right-click and choose Delete. The bend table is deleted from the part but still exists in the directory.
To assign a bend table, select a bend table from the library or from the bend table list of the part, right-click and choose Assign. The bend table is assigned to the part.
To unassign a bend table, select the bend table, right-click and choose Unassign. The bend table is unassigned but is still saved with the part.
To edit a bend table, select a bend table from the library or copied to the model, and right-click and choose Properties. The bend table opens. Edit the bend table information and click File > Save.
6. Click OK.