About Board Properties
Board properties and their associated settings can be used to predefine common feature geometry, automate tasks, and maintain design consistency for board parts. The values of these settings depend on any predefined board parameters. Best practice is to create a template for board parts that includes the model properties, parameters, and other frequently used settings.
The following properties specific to boards are available in the Board section of the Model Properties dialog box:
Bend Allowance—Displays the factor type for bend allowance calculations and whether a bend table is assigned to the model.
Bends—Displays the radius size and the location for dimensioning bends.
Relief—Displays the type of bend relief.
Fixed Geometry—Displays the part geometry to remain fixed during unbend, bend back, and flat pattern operations.
Bend Order—Displays the number of bend order sequences defined for a board.
Design Rules—Displays the number of design rules defined for a board.