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To Import a PCB or Panel Assembly
To import the whole assembly from either a board or a panel file:
This type of import is not available for IDX.
1. Click File > Open. The File Open dialog box opens.
2. Select the ECAD board or panel file.
3. Click Open. The Import New Model dialog box opens.
4. Under Type, select Assembly.
5. Click Include ECAD Import Dialog and click OK. If the file you have selected is an IDF 3.0 or 2.0 file, the ECAD Input – Board dialog box opens.
6. Click Yes for Edit outline in Sketcher if you want to edit the board in Sketcher.
7. Clear the Use Default Template check box to select a template from available templates. This check box is selected by default. A new assembly is created with the board as the first part. If you reference a panel file, then the assembly is created with the panel as the first part.
You can set the template using the template_ecadasm configuration option.
If the board data contains drilled hole information, , the Hole handling list displays the hole information. By default, all hole types except PIN are selected.
8. Click the PIN check box, if required.
9. If required, click Open Log Window for more information on the import operation.
10. Click OK. The PCB components are imported and assembled in the board or the panel.