Electrical Design > ECAD > Importing ECAD Databases > To Import an IDX File as an ECAD Assembly
To Import an IDX File as an ECAD Assembly
1. Click or File > Open. The File Open dialog box opens.
2. Select EDMD (*.idx) from the Type list. The IDX files are displayed in the file list.
3. Select a file and click Import. The Import New Model dialog box opens.
You can only import a file with a board outline as a base IDX file.
4. Click OK or perform one or more of the following actions first:
Type a new File Name.
Clear the Use default template check box. The New File Options dialog box opens. Select a template and click OK.
Clear the Component follow board check box to keep components in a fixed position and not follow a flexible board surface during bend, unbend, and bend back operations.
The Holes Handling dialog box opens.
5. Select one of the following hole categories from the Handle By list:
Type—Groups holes of the following types and order, based on their association and existence on the board outline and their use. This is the default hole category.
PIN—Holes associated with a pin component.
VIA—Holes associated with a via conductive.
MTG—Holes used for mounting.
TOOL—Holes used for tooling.
Other—User-defined holes.
Associated Part—Groups holes based on their associated part components.
Type & Associated Part—Groups hole-types of the Type category with their associated parts or components.
Diameter—Groups holes according to their diameters. The label of the first column of Hole handling dynamically changes according to the hole category selected. # of Holes displays the number of holes of the selected category.
6. Select one of the following import options from Creation Method column for a selected hole category or right-click the hole type and select an option from the Set Creation Method to shortcut menu.
Hole Features—Imports holes as individual standard hole features. This is the default import method for all hole categories.
Lightweight Holes—Imports holes as lightweight graphic representations of standard hole features. Use this option for a large number of holes.
Filter Out—Filters out holes of the selected category.
7. To define a filter, right-click in the Type column and select Add/Modify Diameter Filter from the shortcut menu. The Holes Diameter Filter Out dialog box opens.
8. Click OK. The new ECAD assembly opens.
9. To view notifications when you import an EDMD (*.idx) file as an ECAD assembly, click at the bottom left of the Main Window. The notifications open.