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About the Selective Import of Holes from Board Outlines
You can use the Hole handling options in the ECAD Input – Board dialog box to selectively import or filter out holes based on their categories while importing board geometry.
The various hole categories are as follows:
Type—Holes based on their association with the board outline or use, such as, PIN, VIA, MTG, TOOL, and user-defined holes.
The associated part—Holes based on the associated part components. The board can be the associated part.
The hole-type and the associated part—Hole types PIN, VIA, MTG, TOOL, and Other, with their associated parts or components. For example, PIN_BOARD is a hole of type PIN with the board as its associated part.
The diameter—Holes grouped according to their diameters.
You can import the selected category of holes as the following features:
Hole features—Individual, standard holes.
Lightweight Holes—Lightweight graphical representations of standard holes.
Lightweight holes are only visible on the bottom side of the board.
Cut features—Holes of a specific category are grouped into a single cut with a non-generated section. The holes of a group are collectively a cut extrude. The cut features are defined from the top surface of the board with a "through all" depth option. They reference the top and front datum planes of the board. Hole parameters, such as ECAD_OWNER, ECAD_PLATING_STYLE, ECAD_ASSOCIATED_PART, and ECAD_HOLE_TYPE, are retained as parameters of the cut feature.
Board Cutouts—Holes are part of the outline sketch and new features are not created.
Alternatively, you can set filtration rules, based on hole diameters, for the hole categories selected. You can also configure the default settings of the Hole handling options to optimize the import of holes based on priority for board outlines with a large number of holes.
The Hole handling options are available in the ECAD Input – Board dialog box only when importing board outlines saved to IDF versions 2.0 and 3.0 or to IDX. They are not available for outlines other than board.