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To Import Other Outlines from the Board
1. Click File > Open. The File Open dialog box opens.
2. Import an ECAD IDF (*.emn) file consisting of other outlines.
3. Click OK. The Ecad Input – Board dialog box opens.
The Input Type list is available only when the IDF file selected for import consists of other outlines in addition to the board outline. The Input Type list displays Board as the default with the name and the height of the board outline displayed in Name and Height.
4. In Input Type, select Other Outline. The label of the Ecad Input – Board dialog box changes to Ecad Input – Other Outline. Name and Height display the names and the heights of the other outline profiles.
5. Select the other outline and edit its name and height in Name and Height, if required.
The Hole handling section is not available in the Ecad Input – Other Outline dialog box.
6. Click OK to import the other outline instead of the board from the IDF file.