To Explore Conductors in a Design
1. In an open design with conductors, click Conductor Explorer. The Conductor Explorer dialog box opens.
2. To view conductors by layer or by net, select a View by option.
3. Select one or more types of conductor or net in the list. Use the toolbar or the right-click shortcut menu to perform the following operations:
Toolbar Command
Shortcut Menu
Hide conductors
Show hidden conductors
Delete conductors
Zoom in on conductors
4. To change the geometry representation, click the arrow or right-click Geometry Representation and select one of the following commands:
Toolbar Command
Shortcut Menu
Convert to entities
Convert to Entities
Convert to surfaces
Convert to Surfaces
Convert to quilts
Convert to Quilts
To view geometry representation conversion problems, click to open the Notifications area.
5. To change the color of conductors, select one or more types of conductor or net in the list, click the color button and select a new color.
Searching for Conductors
You can use the Conductor Explorer to find conductors.
At any step in the process, click to clear all filters and search results.
1. To search by net when the View by option is set to Nets, type the name of the net in the box and then press ENTER.
2. To search for conductors, click . The Search dialog box opens.
3. Set filter options. Use the Simple Search to search by net name. Use the Advanced Search to add filtering criteria.
4. To update the results in the conductor tree in the Conductor Explorer, click Find now.
5. To start a new search, click New search.
6. To load or save a search file, click Load/Save.
7. Click Close in the Search dialog box.
8. To highlight the conductors in the graphics window, right-click a result in the conductor tree and select Highlight.