About Importing Conductor Information
Conductor information is imported onto a board in an ECAD assembly or directly to the board part. Conductors are imported on a flat board. The board is automatically unbent when it is in a bent state.
You can use the filters in the Import Conductors dialog box to import conductors by layer, by type, by net, and by area on the board. Filters are subtractive, you can refine and limit search results using the different filters. At any time after import, you can use the Conductor Explorer to hide, unhide, or delete conductors.
By default, conductors are imported as lightweight entities. You can import conductors as 2D surfaces or as 3D quilts. These options require more memory and may affect performance. At any time, you can use the Conductor Explorer to change the geometry representation of conductor types.
You can select conductors only when working with Layers, Parameters, or using Analysis tools.
Importing a new set of conductors removes the current set.