To Create an ECAD Subassembly
1. In an open assembly, click Create. The Create Component dialog box opens.
2. Click Subassembly and select ECAD from the Sub-type list.
3. Accept the default name or type a new name, and click OK. The Creation Options dialog box opens.
4. Select an option for creating the subassembly.
For more information on creating a subassembly, search the Assembly area of the Help Center.
Copy from existing—Creates a subassembly by copying a component as a template.
Locate default datums—Creates a subassembly and assembles it automatically to selected references in the assembly.
Empty—Creates an empty subassembly.
Create features—Creates a new, active ECAD subassembly with a default placement constraint.
5. Click the Leave component unplaced check box to leave the subassembly unplaced in the assembly.
6. Create features for the new ECAD subassembly.
7. Create the board part.