About Settings for all ECAD Designs
You can set modeling options for ECAD assemblies and ECAD-MCAD exchange options in the Creo Parametric Options dialog box. Setting these options parallels the setting of configuration options. Click File > Options > ECAD Assembly to access the ECAD design and ECAD-MCAD Exchange options. The following options are available:
Import settings—Sets options for importing IDF, EDA, and EDMD files.
Pin holes import (ecad_pin_hole_import)—Controls the import of pin holes.
No (default)—Does not import pin holes.
Yes—Imports pin holes.
Lightweight—Imports pin holes as lightweight holes.
Via holes import (ecad_via_hole_import)—Controls the import of via holes.
No—Does not import VIA holes.
Yes (default)—Imports VIA holes.
Lightweight—Imports VIA holes as lightweight holes.
Mounting holes import (ecad_mtg_hole_import—Controls the import of mounting holes.
No—Does not import mounting holes.
Yes (default)—Imports mounting holes.
Lightweight—Imports mounting holes as lightweight holes.
Tool holes import (ecad_tool_hole_import)—Controls the import of tool holes.
No—Does not import tool holes.
Yes (default)—Imports tool holes.
Lightweight—Imports tool holes as lightweight holes.
Area default import (ecad_area_default_import)—Controls the import of ECAD areas.
Cosmetic (default)—Imports ECAD areas as cosmetic area features.
3D—Imports ECAD areas with z-heights as a 3D enclosed quilt.
Component default height (ecad_default_comp_height)—Sets the default value and type of unit for an ECAD component being imported.
Import relative accuracy (ecad_import_relative_accuracy)—Specifies the relative accuracy value used during the import of ECAD files.
Generate hint.add file check box (ecad_create_hint_add)—Controls the creation of the ecad_hint.add file during import.
Export settings—Sets options for exporting IDF, EDA, and EDMD files.
Outline holes export method (ecad_outline_holes_exp_method)—Specifies how outline holes are exported.
Default (default)—Exports holes as holes.
Arcs—Exports holes as arcs.
Name policy settings—Sets options for names when importing IDF and EDMD files. All names have a 31–character limit.
Component naming convention (ecad_comp_naming_convention)—Sets the naming convention when importing parts from IDX or IDF.
ECAD_NAME—Uses the component package name as the part name.
ECAC_NAME_ECAD_ALT_NAME—Uses the concatenated component package name and alternate name (part number) separated by an underscore.
When the concatenated name is longer than 31 characters, only the package name is used.
ECAD_ALT_NAME—Uses the alternate name as the part name.
Mapping file path (ecad_mapping_file)—Specifies the path and file name of the ecad_hint.map file used for ECAD operations. Type the path and file name or click Browse.
Reject State Settings (ecad_reject_strategy)—Sets the type of restoration for an object when changes to the object are rejected during collaboration.
Prompt for selection (default)
Use Base
Use Original