To Create a Twisted Segment
1. Click Model > Shapes > Twist. The TWIST tab opens.
2. Select an attachment edge. The selected edge is displayed in the Placement collector.
3. Select a segment width option and follow the steps for the selected option.
—Calculates the segment width using offset dimensions from the attachment edge.
1. Select a trim option for both sides of the attachment edge:
—Sets the segment end at the chain end.
—Trims or extends the segment end from the chain end by the value specified. Type a value in the box or drag the handle in the graphics window.
—Calculates and centers segment width from the twist axis by the specified dimension.
1. To change the start width, type a value in the box.
2. To locate the twist axis on a datum point, click and select a datum point on the attachment edge . This is the centerline of the twist segment. It is perpendicular to the start edge and coplanar with the existing segment.
When you twist the material into a spiral, keep in mind that the segment will fail if the material bends through itself.
4. Use the drag handles in the graphics window or type a value in the box and press ENTER for each of the following dimensions:
—Width at the end of the twist segment.
—Length of the twist segment, measured from the attachment edge to the end of the twist axis.
—Angle/rotation of the twist segment.
5. To change the segment length in the unbent state, perform the following steps:
a. Click Bend Allowance. The Bend Allowance tab opens.
b. Choose a value form the list or type a new value for the Wall length in an unbent state in the box.
6. Click .