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Identifying and Analyzing ECAD Changes in Creo Parametric
The Creo Parametric user performs the following steps when the ECAD user sends the incremental EDMD IDX file with the marked changes:
1. Opens the ECAD assembly design in Creo Parametric.
2. Clicks Applications > ECAD Collaboration.
3. Clicks Launch Validate in the ECAD - MCAD Collaboration tab. Creo View ECAD Validate opens in a separate window.
4. Loads the EDMD IDX file received from the ECAD user in Creo View ECAD Validate.
5. Reviews all marked changes in the EDMD IDX file.
6. Accepts all marked changes or rejects some of them.
7. Saves an incremental EDMD IDX file.
8. If proposed changes were rejected, sends the new incremental EDMD IDX file to the ECAD user.
This scenario is valid for the Creo Parametric as well as the ECAD user. The Creo Parametric or the ECAD user can start Creo View ECAD Validate, without opening Creo Parametric or an ECAD native tool, load the EDMD IDX file that is already generated in either environment, and evaluate the incremental changes.