Proposing Changes
The ECAD and MCAD designers can compare two PCB design iterations using Creo View ECAD Compare and generate an EDMD IDX file that includes the incremental changes. Once a baseline IDX file is shared between the designers, they can then send incremental EDMD IDX files with the changes to the other designer. Creo Parametric allows users to generate incremental EDMD IDX files by selecting changes in the design or by comparing the current design to a baseline iteration.
In a realtime scenario, the Creo Parametric or ECAD user can directly load an incremental EDMD IDX file, generated in either environment in Creo View ECAD. The Creo Parametric or ECAD user analyzes the design changes and can dynamically visualize specific changes and cross select between Creo Parametric and Creo View ECAD Validate.
Set milestones in the design process where an *.eda file from the ECAD side and an *.eda file from the MCAD side are compared to one another. If the designs are not synchronized, the incremental EDMD IDX file from Creo View ECAD Compare can be used to update the files.
The files may be transferred through methods such as email, FTP (File Transfer Protocol), or PDM tools such as PDMLink and ProjectLink.
When using Windchill, Creo Parametric users can open *.idx files directly from Windchill. Both MCAD and ECAD users can use Creo View ECAD Validate to load and save files from and to Windchill.