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Best Practices for ECAD/MCAD Collaboration
Keep in mind the following when working in Creo ECAD-MCAD Collaboration:
Make sure that all components modeled in Creo Parametric have the z-axis in the direction of the default assembly coordinate system.
Make sure the ECAD properties are mapped correctly to the EDA files. Properties such as part number must be mapped correctly for Creo Parametric to add a component through an IDX file generated when data is compared. The mapping can be done through the icm_options.imx file.
Use the ecad_hint.map file when you have a Multi-CAD assembly to correctly map non-native components.
Individual holes in Creo Parametric are supported for ECAD-MCAD Collaboration when they are created as features or as lightweight holes.
Via and non mechanical holes should be created as cut features or board cutouts for better performance. You can set the ecad hole import configuration options to import holes, not import holes, or import as lightweight. When you set the configuration options to import holes or lightweight holes make sure the Include ECAD Import Dialog option is selected when you open a file in Creo Parametric.
Set the ecad_outline_holes_exp_method configuration option to arcs. If the holes overlap the board outline they will be visible.
Comparing files:
Use File > Save As > Save a copy to save an IDX file as a base when you want to select data to compare.
Use the Compare button on the ECAD - MCAD Collaboration tab to compare two models, either Creo Parametric assemblies or from your ECAD tool.
Make sure you use the correct IDX file with a valid Creo Parametric dataset during collaboration. Do not change the Validate IDX files during collaboration. If a problem arises, reset Validate or close the IDX file in the collaboration session.
To display ECAD parameters in the Model Tree click > Tree Columns. The Model Tree Columns dialog box opens. Select ECAD Params from the Type list. A list of ECAD Parameters appears. Select the parameters to display from the list and click .
Components with the ECAD_PART_TYPE parameter value Other Outlines are not supported by IDX. To highlight changes you must change the ECAD_PART_TYPE parameter value to Mechanical. The component is now considered by IDX as a regular mechanical component.
The ecad_comp_csys_def_name configuration option must be set properly. The csys is created as part of library creation to allow the part to align correctly to the board when the IDF or IDX compare to design is loaded.