About the ecad_hint.map File
The ecad_hint.map file is an ASCII file that you use to control the following functions in the ECAD import-export process:
Defines custom-made Creo Parametric parts to substitute during import for automatically created simplified extruded parts.
Allowing or disallowing specified parts on import.
Allowing or disallowing specified parts on export.
Specifying the naming convention to use for imported components. This is especially important when the components have the same package name, but different alternative names such as part numbers.
When you work with a Multi-CAD assembly, you must use the ecad_hint.map file to correctly map non-native components. Use the MCAD_NAME parameter to map these components correctly, including the component part name and file extension. For example, MCAD_NAME "AW_ANCHOR_PLATE.SLDPRT".
By default, the working directory is searched for the ecad_hint.map file. It is referenced every time an import occurs. The file is ignored if it is empty or has no relevant information.
You can use the ECAD_MAPPING_FILE <path> configuration option to set a default location for the ecad_hint.map file. When you set a path with this configuration option, the working directory is not searched.