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About Setting Preview Levels for the ECAD Assembly
The performance of assemblies after an update depends on their regeneration and processing. The following operations can take a long time and affect the performance of assemblies:
Too many objects or components to redefine and suppress.
The regeneration of large and complex assembly designs.
The default settings in the Creo Parametric Options dialog box Set options for ECAD Assembly and ECAD - MCAD Exchange page (click Collaboration Control > Options) that suppress and redefine failing objects when there are too many changes and a large number of failing objects.
You can set the following preview levels in the ECAD Collaboration – Miscellaneous settings area of the Creo Parametric Options dialog box Set options for ECAD Assembly and ECAD - MCAD Exchange page to control the regeneration time and performance of assemblies during their update. For best results, set these preview levels in conjunction with the selection of redefine and suppress options.
Full—This is the default preview level. Creo Parametric updates the assembly and the board outline with all the changed objects and the assembly is fully regenerated. All failing objects and dependent objects are suppressed or redefined, according to the default settings. All changes are visible in the assembly design and the Model Tree. However, the full regeneration of the assembly slows down its performance though this level provides an accurate preview of all the changes.
Partial—This preview level only updates and regenerates the changed assembly design. The downstream dependency and failure indications are partial. All board and assembly design changes are visible in Creo Parametric. However, the dependency changes are not visible until you refresh the view.
Light—This preview level displays the updated board or assembly design as a 2D outline in the following preview colors of the design states:
Orange for current
Blue for compare to
Green for the accepted design states
The processing and regeneration of the assembly design is relatively faster than the preview level of Full. However, the changed components and the board changes with downstream issues, such as object dependencies, are not visible. To see the changes made to the board, you must move the Preview level slider to Partial or Full.
You can click Collaboration Control > Input From File to load incremental events from an IDX file.