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To Set Up the Highway Label
To set up the highway label contents and position:
1. Click File > Properties. The Options dialog box opens.
2. Use the following setup options:
Defines the highway label contents. This sets the highway label name. The default is no label. Enter &hway_name as a value to show the name; with the assigned prefix, suffix, and increment.
Places the highway notes a specified integer value above the highway. The default is .01. Enter NO to center the label on the highway.
Defines the start number or letter of the highway name that increments as you add each new highway. The value must be either numerical or alphabetical, and cannot contain underscores, dashes, or a mix of numerical and alphabetical characters. The default value is 0001.
Defines the prefix of highway names. The default value is HIGHWAY.
Defines the increment from name_suffix between two consecutively created highways. This value must be numerical. The default value is 1.
Defines the default highway label style. This is a user-defined text style.
Any valid line style can be specified including geometry, hidden, leader, cut plane, phantom, and centerline.