To Delete a Highway
A highway can be deleted like a wire in a diagram. When a highway is deleted, all notes attached to the highway are deleted as well.
1. Click to select a single highway or multiple highways to delete. A list of highways in the diagram appears.
2. Select the highway or highways you want to delete and click OK. Ensure that the selected highways appear on the same sheet.
Highways and wires can be deleted simultaneously.
3. If the selected highway has any wires attached to it, the DEL OPTIONS menu appears with the following options:
Delete—Removes the highway and all attached wires and cables.
Explode—Deletes the highway, but leaves all attached wires and cables in place. Select and drag to separate the remaining wires and cables.
4. To restore the deleted highway, click Edit > Undelete or right-click and select Undelete from the shortcut menu.
Deleted objects are restored only if you perform an Undelete operation immediately after a Delete operation.
Alternatively, you can also select the highway or highways to delete and right click to select Delete from the shortcut menu.