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To Add a Fixed Connector
To add a fixed connector, you place a predefined symbol into the diagram:
1. Click Insert > Connector > Single View. The DGM SYM TYPE menu and GET SYMBOL menus appear.
2. Retrieve a previously defined connector symbol. If the symbol does not have all the appropriate connector parameters, you are prompted to correct them. Click Yes at the prompt to correct the selected symbol and place the symbol in the drawing.
3. If the symbol is defined as Variable, enter the symbol height.
4. If the symbol definition includes variable text, enter the text as prompted.
5. Select a location on the diagram. This is where the symbol origin (specified when defining the symbol) is placed. The connector symbol appears in the diagram. The Electrical Parameters dialog box opens.
6. Enter the appropriate parameter values into the dialog box, or use File > Read to load parameters from a file. You must have values for all required parameters.
7. Complete the change with the ADJUST INST menu options.
8. Create other fixed connectors, or click Quit from the GET SYMBOL menu.