Cable Tie-wraps
A tie wrap is used to hold one cable or several cables together. The representation for the tie wrap is as follows:
In center line cable display, a circle with a circumference that corresponds to the length of the tie wrap.
In thick cables environment, a cylinder that shows the appropriate circumference, thickness, and width. Tie wraps have no required parameters. You can assign user-defined parameters to tie wraps using the Electrical Parameters dialog box.
You can use the Tie wrap tab to define a tie wrap for the cables.
To Create a Tie Wrap
1. Click Tie Wrap from the cosmetics group in the ribbon.
The Tie Wrap tab opens.
2. Select either a location point or a segment of an active harness part.
3. To accept the default name, length, width and thickness, click . The tie wrap is created with the default values and the tab is closed automatically.
To Create Custom Tie Wrap to a Cable
If you want to change the default values of the tie wraps, do the following:
1. Click Cosmetics > Tie Wrap.
The Tie Wrap tab opens.
2. Click the References tab.
3. Select either a location point or a segment of an active harness part. The selected segment or the location point will be displayed in Placement collector.
4. Click the Properties tab.
5. Type the tie wrap name to change the default name.
6. Type the designation name to designate tie wrap as part.
7. Click the Options tab.
8. Modify the tie wrap thickness to change the existing thickness.
9. Modify the tie wrap width to change the existing width.
10. Click to switch the reference end.
11. Click to complete the creation of the tie wrap and create a new tie wrap with the same values.
12. To accept the customized length, width and thickness for the tie wrap, create it and close the tab, click .
13. Click to close the tab.
This will lose all the changes made.
To edit or update the tie wrap, select the tie wrap from the Model Tree or from the graphic window and use the edit definition command from the RMB menu.