To Create a Tape Feature
1. Click Tape.
2. At the prompt, type a unique name for the tape feature. The SPOOL NAMES menu appears.
3. Select an existing tape spool on which to base the new tape feature and continue from step 8. Click Create to create a new tape spool.
4. At the prompt, type a unique name for the tape spool. The Electrical Parameters dialog box appears with the default spool parameters.
5. Modify the required spool parameter values.
6. Click Apply and then OK in the Electrical Parameters dialog box.
7. At the prompt, type the number of times the tape is to wind around the cable or set of cables. The default is 2 times.
8. Select a cable location to use as center for the new tape feature. Cabling wraps all items at the selected location with the tape feature.
There are no dimensions to modify in a tape feature, as the size is determined by the tape spool parameters. You can modify the tape feature using the Electrical Parameters dialog box only.