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Troubleshooting the Analysis Agent Process
The table below describes the most common problems that arise when you use the Analysis Agent process.
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The agent process fails to start after running CreoAnalysisAgentStarter.bat or restarting the computer.
Properties in the file are set correctly.
Creo Parametric does not start when a replay is started from a ThingWorx Client Browser.
CreoExecutablePath property in the file points to proe_start.bat.
CreoInstallDir, PRO_MECH_COMMAND, and PSF_FILE_PATH variables in the proe_start.bat file are set correctly.
Creo Parametric starts, but fails to load the model being analyzed in session.
ContentServerUserid and ContentServerPassword are set to have access to the model in Windchill. When the UseBroadcastFlowForContentServices is set to false in
The Replay manager mashup stops responding during or after a replay.
Use the CreoAnalysisAgentShutdown.bat script to shutdown the agent process or processes.
When you are running CaaS you can switch to Creo Parametric visible mode. Remove the last 2 parameters -g:no_graphics, -i:rpc_input in the last line of the proe_start.bat file.