To Create a Simplified Representation
1. In an open assembly, click . The View Manager dialog box opens to the Simp Rep tab.
2. Click New. A default name for the simplified representation appears. Accept the name or type a new one and press ENTER. The Component Chooser opens.
By default the representation state of all the components is derived by the representation state of the top-level assembly.
3. Select one or more components and set their simplified representation type using one of the following ways:
Right-click the component to simplify from the Component Chooser Model Tree in the left pane of the dialog box and choose a Set Representation to or Substitute type from the shortcut menu.
Right-click a component to simplify in the Component Chooser Graphics Window and choose a Representation or Substitute type from the shortcut menu.
Click Select > Find to open the Search Tool dialog box. Search for components.
Click Select > Select in main window to select the components in the graphics window.
Click or clear the check box adjacent to the component in the Component Chooser Tree to include or exclude the component.
Click the representation type column and select a representation type from the list.
The components included in the simplified representation are displayed in the preview pane.
4. Click OK. The new representation is added to the list of simplified representations in the View Manager and is set to active.
5. Click Close to exist the View Manager.