To Redefine a Combined View
1. Click . The View Manager dialog box opens.
2. Click the All tab.
3. Right-click the combined view to edit and select Redefine from the shortcut menu, or click Edit > Redefine in the View Manager. The <combined view name> dialog box opens.
4. Redefine one or more of the following display settings:
Simplified Rep
Cross section
Most Recently Used—Continuous to display the recently used states.
No Cross Section—Does not apply a cross section for the state.
Visible cross sections—Opens the Select Xsec dialog box. Double-click a listed cross section to preview.
Exclude clipped components—Excludes components that are clipped by a 3D cross section (zone).
Explode—Select Show exploded to open the combined view in the selected exploded state.
Appearance—Select an appearance state from the list to redefine the combined state appearance.
Layers—Select a layer state from the list to store the current top-level assembly layer status or select Most Recently Used Layer State. The layer status of lower-level components is not stored. However, the top-level assembly layer status is propagated to layers of the same name in the submodel.
Set the model to its current combined state before defining the layer state to make sure you do not unintentionally overwrite the layer status.
5. Click or clear the following check boxes to set the visibility of these options in the combined view.
Annotations—Controls the visibility of annotations in the combined view. This option is selected by default.
Supplemental Geometry—Controls the visibility of supplementary geometry. This option is available only when the Annotations check box is selected.
6. Click Preview to preview the changes.
7. Click OK. The combined view is redefined and the dialog box closes.