About Retrieving Assemblies Modified in Creo Direct
Assemblies and parts created in Creo Parametric can be modified in Creo Direct. You can modify a parametric part or assembly in Creo Direct by one or more of the following procedures:
Modifying part geometry
Modifying the position of a component
Deleting a component from the assembly
When you retrieve the modified assembly into Creo Parametric, the View Changes dialog box opens for you to accept or reject changes. Some of the changes made to the assembly can affect children of the modified or moved components. The affected child components lose their parametric behavior and remain frozen in the assembly. You must restore parametric behavior to the frozen children of modified components before you can update their placement or other references. The Model Tree status for affected children that lost parametric behavior is Child of explicitly modified.
When you change the placement of an assembly component by moving or repositioning it in Creo Direct, a new constraint set is added. This constraint set, termed DMA_Defined, appears in the placement folder with an active Fix constraint. Constraint sets previously defined in Creo Parametric are inactive. To change the Fix constraint or activate previous constraints, you must edit the placement definition.
A deleted pattern member in Creo Direct is omitted from the pattern feature when the assembly is retrieved again in Creo Parametric. You can restore the pattern members manually when you redefine the pattern.
When you implicitly retrieve components modified in Creo Direct to a Creo Parametric session, you can use the Model Notifications dialog box to show these modified components.